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    Old Town Christmas Market from December 1, 2017 - January 7, 2018

    We are waiting for everyone - adults and children to capture the Christmas feeling and enjoyment on the Dome Square!
    Traders application from 17.09.-1.11.2017, by e-mail - info@vzt.lv
    - in the application tell about yourself and what you want to sell on the Christmas Market.
    - required visualization, or a reference to the site, where your offered products can be reviewed,
    - food suppliers and hot wine merchants - description of the food and drink offered, origin,
    - commercial kiosk design ideas, matching Christmas theme,
    - preferring Latvian producers, craftsmen, traders, farmers and fishermen's products, we would be happy to cooperate with some neighbors or other foreign traders,
   with condition that we do not have analogues in Latvia produced goods,
    - for a commercial kiosk rental, we will contact individually only after recieving above information from the trader,
   because the rent is differentiated, for the hot wine merchant it is bigger, but for the craftsman, for example, the sock knitter, is much smaller.

You are welcome to visit us!


    Is Riga the birthplace of the embellished Christmas tree? Although a specific city where it was first decorated, is still being kept in secret, it is clear that this is due in Livonia area about six centuries ago. Then it was used at the celebration ceremony by the Brotherhood of Blackheads members, who wore black hats, and after the ceremony burned tree. But the pavement of Riga’s Old Town conceals another ancient story.
    Once upon a time in the Riga’s Old Town in a poor family was living a small girl named Ieva. Her parents worked long hours to earn the family livelihood, so little Ieva spent days in a small roof’s room near the Dome Square. Girl was particularly sad when winter solstice approached. Outside, darkness replaced light, in house sneaked in cold air and Ieva by the window for hours used to watch running people and slowly falling snow flakes.
    In very cold evening on the windowsill suddenly appeared a black cat. Knocked at the frozen window pane, he asked the girl to open the window. Ieva let clever cat in and he said: “Why are you so sad? Get dressed and let’s go out, I have something to show you!” Ieva thought for a while and with mysterious joy followed cat to Town Hall Square at the House of Blackheads.
    Cat turned to her and jumped away, to show her big Christmas tree in middle of Town Hall Square, which was embellished with everything Ieva liked so much - dried flowers, shiny ribbons, straw dolls, colorful crepe paper flowers and red apples. Black cat proudly walked around the Christmas tree and confidently said: "In the future everyone in the whole wide world will know how easy it is to delight small, frozen children and all the others who like being loved."
    Since Riga’s black cat has done his work, little Ieva went home and told about this miracle her parents, who were grateful that someone managed to fill their child’s little heart with such genuine joy.
    Went month after month, and after just a few years winter solstice grew into a Christmas, which celebration with embellished tree become a tradition, and it was decorating almost every family’s warmest room.
    When Ieva grew big and she had children of her own, the whole family along with the mother and father at Christmas went to the Dome church to experience the wonder of celebration, and there they were met with tree decorated with candles. What does a black cat do? He is sitting on the roof of the house at the Old Town and watching after it all, now decorated Christmas trees are in all areas of Riga, but the largest and most beautiful one is in heart of Old Riga - the Dome Square. Around there are a lot of people - traders, buyers and guests, all happy and every year experiencing the coming of Christmas.


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    During Old Town Christmas market part of income always have been donated to charity, and good work events are indispensable part of Old Town Christmas market. Like every year everyone has the opportunity to do well and make present, not only for relatives, but also for fellow citizens with different life.

    Every visitor in this season's Old Town Christmas market was able to support to a foundation Palidzesim.lv, that donations will be used for social inclusion measures for children and young people with special needs. Thanks to everyone who helped - together donated 35 kg of coins or almost € 1,000 !


Old Town Christmas market is a non-profit organization which hosts the most beautiful Christmas market in Riga.
Earned is allocated for renovation of houses and building new ones. It is also ensured about scenery and warm lighting.
If you want to contact us, for paper letters legal address may help you:

Ltd Vecrigas Ziemassvetku tirdzins
Aldaru Street 12/14-16
Riga, LV-1050

But you can also reach us by calling or writing e-mail:

+371 67221105